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A/R Management Services

HeRO Business Services accounts receivable management services are completely customizable and consist of a number of outbound patient phone calls, outbound letters, and inbound calls to motivate payment from your customers/patients.

We arrange payment plans and negotiate settlements according to predetermined guidelines or on a case-by-case basis.

We manage day-one liability balances using our proprietary methodology to ultimately increase revenue. By using internal tools, analysts, and external resources, we obtain new addresses and phone information faster than using standard skip tracing techniques.

Team of Experts

We designate an exclusive team to your account to resolve aged and ongoing receivables. Our team will conduct regular conference calls and performance reviews to ensure understanding and accountability.

Secure Client and Customer Web-based Account Access

You will have access to our web-based remote operation no matter where you are located and your customers/patients can easily access the web-based remote payment center to make payments or review account information. A secure system environment is provided in order to ensure patient confidentiality.

Mail Return Services

As an added bonus, we offer Mail Return Service so you don't have to incur the cost of processing return mail. We manage all undeliverable mail for your organization, directing return mail from the USPS to us instead of you for processing.

Customized Reporting

Detailed accounts receivable reports are published in a user-friendly format and tailored to your needs. Feedback is provided and onsite support, education and training are also available.

Major Benefits

  • Collect more money internally, improving cash flow
  • Increase timely resolution and billing success rate
  • Measure the probability of payment from your customers/patients
  • Segment your A/R to apply the appropriate resources and debt collection methods
  • Supplement staff resources to improve resource utilization
  • Shorten A/R cycles
  • Reduce office expenses