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Early Out Services

Our Early Out & Pre-Collection Billing Services is a winning scenario for all involved. Early intervention provides a timely approach to our customers and patients to resolve past-due accounts prior to them being placed in full collection.

We cater to these accounts by having our trained agents work with them to find the appropriate action needed for resolution. By implementing this Early Out & Pre-Collection service, fewer accounts will go to collection. In the end, this provides measurable returns earlier on in the collection process.

Benefits of Early Out Billing Services

Optimize Revenue Flow
HeRO has a solid and extensive infrastructure that includes both people and technology, which means there is no need to up-grade in-house billing. Our company is well equipped to help streamline your billing procedures while improving performance of the outsourced functions.
We provide specialization through our own scaling.

Reduce Overhead
Costs of back- office operations are extremely high. Our state of the art technology helps to give your company the room to grow while reducing cost. The end result allows your company to remain competitive and achieve high-levels of customer service.

Improve Operational Efficiency
HeRO operates as an extension of your company by billing your patients or setting them up on a payment plan. Our friendly reminders options include a letter, and/or telephone messaging campaign into the billing process. We recognize that every business has a different need which is why we analyze your system to create a custom-tailored solution for your accounts receivable.